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Industrial Service Tenkanen Ltd supports companies in industrial sectors in project management throughout Finland. With the help of our experts, you properly prepare for demanding projects. For example, you can order various preliminary studies and cost estimates from our engineering office.

We are a useful partner for large-scale projects because with our help every step of the project remains under the control of your company. Our experts manage even large industrial project entities. On the other hand, you can acquire services o manage a specific subset.

Project management services include:

  • The mechanical side of preliminary studies and cost estimates

  • Inquiries and acquisitions of machinery and equipment, pipelines, steel structures and installation work

  • Project scheduling

  • Compilation and archiving of technical documentation

Detailed preliminary studies, scheduling and cost estimates

In large-scale projects in industrial sectors, such as plant reforms, professional preliminary studies are of paramount importance. Our experts make sure that the groundwork for projects is carried out carefully.

Among other things, we implement cost estimates and schedules for various projects. In addition, you can order the mechanical part of preliminary studies and technical documentation for assembling and filing from us. We know exactly the licensing processes in various sectors.

Industrial Service Tenkanen Ltd's staff will make sure that the whole project as well as its sub-areas remain on schedule as planned.

Mapping and planning of machine purchases

If your company is considering new major purchases of machinery or equipment, contact our experts. We carefully map the needs for machine purchases and find out the best options for your company. You can let our team take care of inquiries

and concrete purchases for machines and equipment, piping, steel structures and installation work, for example.

If machine purchases or larger plant upgrades are relevant to your company, remember that you can also obtain mechanical installation supervision and commissioning supervision through us. You get design work, project management and, in addition, the supervision of the necessary installations at the end of the project. From Satakunta, we serve our customers in projects throughout Finland.

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