Installation supervision for industrial plants

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Industrial Service Tenkanen Ltd provides professional installation supervision for industrial companies. In the case of plant renovations and new equipment and machinery, monitoring the installation and commissioning of the equipment is a priority. Our company, which operates from Satakunta, offers services to industrial facilities throughout Finland.

Installation supervision includes the handling of a wide range of practical matters during the preparation and installations. We can take care of, for example, the organization of pass permit issues, supervision tasks related to occupational safety and various work permit matters. The installation supervision project will continue until the new plant or individual machines are put into operation safely.

Occupational safety monitoring during installation

A professional installation and commissioning supervisor monitors and ensures that the work area is safe and functional. Tasks related to security include arranging passes and related briefings.

The installation supervisor ensures that, for example, the racks and equipment used comply with official requirements. Site risk assessments are prepared in cooperation with the contractor. Occupational safety deficiencies are detected and reported to the customer quickly.

The supervisor monitors that the work permits in the installation area are in order and that the required protection matrix is used as required. The task also includes taking care of the area boundaries and cleanliness of the worksite and arranging fire guarding.

Monitoring the installation process and commissioning

In addition to safety and permit issues, the installation supervision also monitors the overall quality of the work and that the installation process proceeds according to plan. The installation schedule is closely monitored and the progress of the work is reported to the customer.

Supervision may also include, for example, the reception and inspection of the necessary equipment and materials and their delivery to the contractor. Other day-to-day matters include the approval of hourly reports and the preparation of inspection reports. The supervisor approves any additional work with the customer before they are carried out.

At the end of the project, the installation supervisor monitors the measurements and inspections of the commissioning inspections and archives the protocols.

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