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Engineering office Teollisuuspalvelu Tenkanen Oy

Industrial Service Tenkanen Ltd has carried out many projects related to project management, mechanical and process design and installation supervision for both large and small companies in industrial sectors.

Our engineering office, founded in 2017, has references from all over Finland. Take a look at our various jobs and feel free to ask for more information.



Logo Outotec

Oy Linde Gas Ab

Modification planning for the air gas plant in Harjavalta Industrial Park:

  • 3D modeling of new pumps, insulation box and pipelines for liquid oxygen

  • manufacturing drawings for pump bases and insulation box

  • isometric drawings for pipelines

  • construction task drawings for pump base foundations

Logo Metso

Nevel Pori Oy

Porin Luotsinmäki Biogas Plant:

  • 3D modeling of the maintenance platforms for the feedstock tanks

  • strength assessments

  • manufacturing drawings


Logo Metso

Skanska Infra Oy

Mechanical design of the Sulkavuori wastewater treatment plant:

  • 3D modeling of pipelines, isometric drawings and secondary supports

  • 3D modeling of treatment platforms, stair tower and pipe bridges, and manufacturing drawings

Logo Metso

Metso Outotec Finland Oy

Harjavalta and Espoo units:

  • preliminary reports and cost estimates

  • device and piping design

  • procurement of equipment, piping and installation work

  • pre-planning, scheduling and installation supervision of installation work

  • participation of project deployments

  • compliance with laws, regulations, standards, the customer's and Outotec's quality and operating systems. Consideration of EHS regulations.

  • cooperation between different types of design

Logo Valmet


Ulvila unit design work:

  • layout design of tender drawings

  • 3D modelling

  • piping design

  • cooperation between different departments and units

  • documentation

Logo TVO


Design tasks related to OL1 and OL2 plants:

  • device images and brochures

  • facility database updates

  • HVAC work reports

  • layout, feed-through images and flowchart updates

  • remodeling plans.


Tibnor Oy

  • storage shelves design

  • strength calculations

Euramet Oy

  • steel structure strength calculation

BASF Battery Materials Finland Oy

The design of the drainage basins of the Harjavalta plant:

  • 3D modelling

  • manufacturing drawings

  • strength calculations




Berner Industries Tank Oy

Remodeling plans of the Tahkoluoto oil port in Pori :

  • piping and instrumentation diagram update

  • treatment platforms

  • chemical pipeline

Lappeenranta university

Pilot plant design for pilot hall and shipping container:

  • pilot plant equipment 3D modeling, layout and steel construction design.

  • pipe parts and piping drawing

  • flow diagram design

  • equipment layout for 40ft container

TLT-Building Oy

Mechanical design of transmission tower:

  • 3D modeling of the tower

  • manufacturing drawings



Uusikaarleby Tank Storage Oy

Flammable liquid piping design for underground storage in Munsala:

  • isometric drawings and 3D modeling for pipings

  • piping support and stress analysis


Kokemäen Lämpö

Heat Boiler front chamber modification design in Kokemäki:

  • welding and structure drawings

  • strenght calculations

Oy SeppSystems Ab

Wheelchair platform lift:

  • mechanical design

  • 3D modeling




Design task relating warehouse tanks in Tahkoluoto, Pori oil harbour:

  • firewater pipes design

  • cost estimation concerning firewater pipes materials and valves

  • plate heat exchanger layout and piping design to the warehouse area

Caverion -logo

Caverion Industry
Machine parts design to unit in Pori.

Logo Pori Energia

Pori Energia

Light oil pipeline transformation planning.

Logo Westas


Design and strength calculation of the steel structure of the wagon transfer hoist of the Pihlava unit.

Logo Sibelco


Design tasks related to Sibelco Nordic Ltd's Karvia sand dryer:

  • strength calculation and elevation of a sand dryer building

  • treatment platforms and stairs

  • equipment support structures (dryer, conveyors, roof lifts)

  • funnels.


Logo Clyde Bergemann

Clyde Bergemann

Boiler chute installation planning:

  • pipeline design, pipeline strength calculations

  • design of soot and piping supports

  • as-built-updates

  • translations.

Logo Kingspan


Propellant line design:

  • project management: inquiries and cost estimates for the investment

  • layout and flow chart design.

Logo Insinööritoimisto Rautanen

Insinööritoimisto Rautanen


  • 3D modelling

  • manufacturing drawings

  • inputting PDM product information.

Logo Baltic Tank

Baltic Tank

Design tasks related to the Kaskinen and Rauma units:

  • inspecting and updating routing of existing pipelines to the piping and instrumentation diagram

  • updating the location, types, and sizes of instruments, valves, and equipment to the piping and instrumentation chart

  • reviewing the process description and processes

  • hazop risk assessment

  • area map update.