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Engineering office Industrial Service Tenkanen Ltd

Industrial Service Tenkanen Ltd provides high-quality industrial expert services to companies in Finland. Services include mechanical and process design, project management and installation supervision.

We have expertise in machine, equipment and factory design, which includes e.g. industrial piping, steel structures and flow diagrams.

Experienced experts from our engineering firm are at your service. Check out the services and feel free to ask for more.

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Mechanical and process design

Mechanical and process design services include, for example, factory, machine and equipment design.

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Project management

Project management services include, for example, various preliminary studies of industrial sectors, mapping of machine acquisition needs and cost estimates.

Mechanical installation supervision, Industrial Service Tenkanen Ltd Mechanical installation supervision icon

Mechanical installation supervision

Mechanical installation supervision ensures that plants, machinery and equipment are installed and commissioned safely and properly.

Mechanical and process design

The mechanical part of the factory design is Industrial Service Tenkanen Ltd's expertise. Mechanical and process design services include, for example, flow diagrams, layouts and machine, equipment and industrial piping design.

The experts in our engineering office master the broad entities and details of mechanical design. With our help, you improve the functionality of your factory's mechanics and the efficiency of your processes.

Project Management

Industrial Service Tenkanen Ltd provides expert solutions for project management and administration. We are a reliable partner for large projects but also for smaller sub-projects.

Project Management services include pre-studies and cost estimates for the mechanical side. We also carry out inquiries and purchases of machines and equipment, pipelines, steel structures and installation work.

Mechanical installation supervision

The experts of our engineering office also carry out mechanical installation supervision with professionalism. We provide installation supervision and commissioning services for industrial equipment, piping and steel installations.

Installation supervision and commissioning include, for example, arranging passes and area briefings, monitoring compliance with the required protection matrix, and securing work permits and pre-filling fire work permits - among many other tasks. If you want expert supervision for installations, get to know our services and get in touch.