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Engineering office Teollisuuspalvelu Tenkanen Oy

Industrial Service Tenkanen Ltd employs experienced design engineers. Our staff, which serves companies across Finland, consists of skilled experts in industrial design and processes. Get to know our staff and feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide more information about our services. You can also request a quote for various projects and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our office is located in Satakunta, but we serve companies especially in Western and Southern Finland and, if necessary, also elsewhere in Finland.

Aki Tenkanen

Aki is the company's CEO, a factory 

design engineer and installation 


Contact details:

  040 680 6950

Johanna Tenkanen

Johanna is the office secretary, in charge of billing
and general office matters.

Contact details:

  044 262 9000


Kati Saarni

Kati is a design engineer working in layout and
piping design.

Contact details:

  040 532 3639


Petteri Ruoko

Petteri is a chemical engineer who specialises in processes.

Contact details: 

  040 676 3926


Markku Majuri

Markku has a master of science in materials technology and an expert in HVAC.

Contact details:

  040 676 4086


Tero Immonen

Tero is an expert and graduate engineer in the
design and strength calculation of pipelines and
steel structures.

Contact details:

  040 582 5164


Ville Pelkonen

Ville is a design engineer working primarily on steel structures and piping.

Contact details:

  044 285 6791


Leevi Ahonen

Leevi is a design engineer, working mainly with mechanical and steel structure design.

Contact details:

  040 708 5021


Jussi Mahlamäki

Jussi is the design manager. He takes care of broad entities and development.

Contact details:

  050 599 9279


Kaija Uusi-Uola

Kaija is one of our company's project assistants and works as the right hand of our engineers.

Contact details:

  040 198 0823


Susanna Aho

Susanna is one of our company’s project assistants and works as the left hand of our engineers.

Contact details:

  040 618 3959


Jaakko Koivuniemi

Jaakko is graduate engineer who controls machine and sheet metal design.

Contact details:

  040 820 6475


Milla Vähäsalo

Milla is a project assistant and our company's social media correspondent. 

Contact details:

  040 702 8193